‘Tactical evacuations’ underway as out of control wildfire rages in Squamish Valley

Squamish RCMP said it was making “tactical evacuations” Wednesday evening due to an out of control wildfire spreading in the Squamish Valley.

People in the areas of Butterfly Lake, Levette Lake, Evans Lake and the area east of Cloudburst Crescent are being told to leave immediately.

Police say they were notified that the fire had spread from a slash pile burn around 4:15 p.m.

The fire has since jumped the the Squamish Valley Road near Magee Road, making the route impassable, police said.

By 6 p.m., police said the fire was moving towards Levette Lake and Evans Lake.

“The fire is quick moving and the conditions are dry,” said police in a media release.

“Police are in the area conducting tactical evacuations and blocking roads. Please evacuate areas around the fire if you can.”

Police say residents were working with members of the fire service to fight the fire, and that air support was being called in.

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