Super-rare albino Cobra that ‘can kill humans’ found inside home

Residents were left petrified after finding a massive ultra-rare albino cobra inside their building.

Following heavy rain, the deadly venomous five-foot long cobra was washed into a home in the city of Coimbatore, southern India, on Wednesday (May 3), according to a local animal conservation charity.

The Wildlife & Nature Conservation Trust (WNCT) was called to the property shortly after the snake was spotted, with the charity sending out a professional snake catcher to apprehend the albino reptile.

The Indian cobra, known scientifically as “Naja Naja”, is one of the “big four” species of snake responsible for most of the snake bites that occur on humans in south Asia.

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They pose a significant threat to human beings, carrying a deadly venom that can cause paralysis and even death if not treated promptly.

“It is crucial to handle these snakes with great care and expertise, as any mistake can lead to severe consequences,” the WNCT said in aFacebook post about the incident.

Albinism is a condition that manifests as a lack of the pigment melanin, leading to organisms having white hair, feathers, skin or scales, as well as pink eyes in some cases.

The condition can be found across the animal kingdom, primarily in birds, reptiles and amphibians, and less frequently in mammals, including humans.

After the snake was removed from the house, the WNCT said it handed the massive snake to officials at the Coimbatore Forest Division.

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Its experts assessed the snake and found it healthy and fit enough to be released into the wild.

The WNTC said officials released it into a forested area rich in biodiversity that will provide a suitable habitat for it to live in.

The charity said: "This rescue by the Wildlife & Nature Conservation Trust is a truly remarkable feat that deserves recognition. It is essential to appreciate and recognize such efforts, which not only save the lives of animals but also prevent harm to human beings."


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