Summer’s coming home: Hot weather forecast predicts 27C weekend scorcher – latest maps

BBC Weather: Parts of Europe to be hit by rising temperatures

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This year has been a classic Great British Summer, with all four seasons hitting in the space of a single day. This week, weather warnings are in place for southern areas as heavy showers and thunderstorms hit, with unsettled conditions expected for much of the week. But come Friday, things are looking up.

The Met Office said: “By the start [Friday] there is high confidence that there will have been a marked change to much more settled and warm weather, as an area of high pressure becomes slow-moving across much of the UK and Ireland.

“This should bring in a lot of fine and dry weather meaning long sunny spells, variable cloud and mainly light winds should become the general trend for most.”

The Met Office even said temperatures are “likely to be above normal for most, and possibly becoming hot at times”.

By Friday afternoon, the Met Office is predicting highs of 24C for areas as far north as York, with highs of 22C in northern Scotland.

Southern areas will bask in equally warm temperatures, with highs of 27C possible in London on Sunday.

As is usual with very warm conditions, the Met Office has said that the occasional thundery spell cannot be ruled out, but for the most part, it looks set to be a scorcher.

Other forecasters are echoing similar sunny outlooks for next week.

Netweather’s long-range forecast between Monday, July 19, and Sunday, July 25 said temperatures could be much warmer.

The forecast said the UK would see “above-average pressure, especially in the north, and an above-average frequency of southerly winds.”

Netweather added: “There is potential for troughs to increasingly move in from the west and fill the gap between the high-pressure centres over the Azores and Scandinavia.

“This week is the most likely to feature a significant heatwave for the UK, with southerly and south-easterly winds likely to feature as the fine anticyclonic weather breaks down from the west, potentially pulling some hot air masses up from southern Europe and also creating the potential for thundery breakdowns.”

However, before the nation can prepare to bask in some sunshine, the current spell of low pressure must be endured.

A large swathe of southern and southeast England are in the yellow warning zone which is in force from midday until midnight on Monday.

The Met Office warned that the downpour could cause “travel disruption and flooding in some places”

Homes and businesses could be flooded with buildings damaged, according to the warning.

There is also a warning of flash flooding which could cause a “danger to life” and power outages are possible.

Experts said that as much as 90mm of rain could fall in the worst affected areas which could also see “slow-moving, heavy showers, with some thunderstorms” into the afternoon.

The Met Office said: “This may lead to torrential downpours in some places with 20 to 30 mm of rain in an hour and perhaps in excess of 60 mm in some spots in two or three hours.

“There is also a chance of more persistent heavy rain developing over parts of southeast England during the afternoon or evening and persisting into early Tuesday.

“Were this to occur there is a chance of 60 to 90mm rain falling in a few spots.”

Temperatures will also remain lower than the soaring highs felt in June, with the mercury barely reaching over 20C in London.

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