Suicide bomber blows self up over new law banning sex outside of marriage

A convicted bomb-maker and Muslim militant has blown himself up, killing one police officer and wounding 11 people.

Attacker Agus Sujatno, 34, entered Astana Anyar police station in Indonesia with a motorcycle, detonating two bombs he was carrying, with one device defused while the other was exploded.

Grim footage of the incident showed body parts scattered across the lobby of the building, which saw people running out of as white smoke billowed from the police station.

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A total of 10 officers and one civilian were wounded in the attack, which appears to have been motivated by a recent law change outlawing sex outside of marriage.

Said outlawing came under a new code that also ruled out the legality of offending or insulting the president, which prompted Sujanto, who was released from prison last year, to detonate explosive devices.

Papers attached to Sujanto, who was killed in the explosion, are said to have read: "Criminal code is the law of infidels, let's fight the satanic law enforcers."

The 34-year-old had still been on a "red" list for police due to his rejection of the government's deradicalization programme.

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that Sujanot had been "difficult to talk to" during his failed rehabilitation period.

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Prabowo said: "He was still difficult to talk to, and tended to avoid the (deradicalization) process."

Executive director of the Centre for Radicalism and Deradicalization Studies, Adhe Batki, asked for police to urgently monitor the "red" lists.

Batki said: "Using the new criminal code can only be seen as a momentum by terrorists to launch their action. Police and places of worship are actually the main target of JAD since the beginning."

He also asked that those on the red list be "continuously" offered the chance to join the programme for their hopeful rehabilitation after being arrested for terrorist acts.

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