‘Stupid’ tourist ignoring coronavirus lockdown boxed-in by furious locals

A "tourist" visiting a beauty spot in North Wales was blocked on a country road by angry locals who claimed he wasn't following coronavirus lockdown rules.

The man, from Sheffield, was driving through Snowdonia National Park in a Range Rover when he was confronted and boxed-in on a country road on Saturday, North Wales Live reports.

In a video filmed by one of the residents near the town of Bala, the man sits in his car and appears to be filming the scene on his phone.

A man shouts at the driver: "Your friends have just arrived. We'll see whose friends they are. Stupid… What the hell are you doing here anyway? What the hell are you doing here? Haven't you got a television or radio?"

The trapped visitor had called the police, but they appeared to side with the locals and told him to go home.

Aled Wyn Williams, of Parc, Bala, was one of two local men who confronted the visitor at a time when people have been urged to stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

He said he was angered by the lack of respect shown by the visitor and stopped him on the road along with his friend Oswyn Roberts.

Aled said: "He was heading away from Bala and the main road.

"I drove along the road and stopped him. My friend Oswyn Roberts came along behind, blocking him in."

Part of the incident was filmed and Aled said the visitor called the police.

"He told me he called the police because he felt threatened," he said, "I told him all we were doing was encouraging him to go home. If he hadn't called the police, I would have done."

A North Wales Police spokesperson said: "Police were called at 10.12am this morning to a report of a man being blocked on a country lane in Bala.

"Officers attended and suitable words of advice were given."

The government's current social distancing advice applies to everyone in the UK, even if they don't have symptoms of coronavirus or have recovered.

It tells people to only go outside for food, health reasons, or work – if they cannot work from home – and to limit all trips outside to just once a day.

People are allowed to exercise outdoors but they have been asked to run or walk near home and keep the roads clear.

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