Stubborn dog halts traffic in ‘most Scottish thing you’ll see today’

A mischievous dog has left social media users in hysterics after it was filmed holding up traffic while refusing to give up a traffic cone.

Jill Stark, who posted the video online, showed a man walking the pup up the Royal Mile in Old Town, Edinburgh while gripping onto its toy.

The clip then cuts to show the duo standing in the middle of the road, holding up a taxi, Edinburgh Live reports.

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The taxi driver, clearly irritated, ends up having to get out of his vehicle to move a metal gate that the dog owner places in the road.

Jill went on to narrate the scene for us: "What's going on here?

"This dog is just carrying a traffic cone. The guy with the dog and the traffic cone is now holding up the traffic.

"This is the most Edinburgh thing I've ever seen."

By this time, the taxi driver and dog owner are in a back-and-forth battle – every time the metal gate is moved out of the way, the other puts it back.

Unfortunately, the video ends before the standoff between taxi driver and dog is resolved.

Captioning the clip, which has gained more than 7,900 likes, Jill wrote: "Welcome to Edinburgh. The most Scottish thing you'll see today."

TikTok users found the clip hilarious as they took to the comments to poke fun at the pet's antics.

One user joked: "I don't think the traffic was supposed to be there."

Another added: "That's no a dog. That's a dug!"

"Undercover traffic dog," a third quipped.

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But according to some locals in the comments section, it's not an uncommon sight to see this dog with various objects in his grip.

One comment reads: "The dog carries all sorts of things every day, so cute."

Another added: "He was carrying a wet floor sign on Monday."

In fact, the dog seems to be something of a local celebrity as a third stated: "Met this dog on a night out, honestly the sweetest wee thing."

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