Storm Otto set to batter Britain with 75mph winds causing ‘travel disruption’

A storm which is set to bring high winds and rain to parts of the UK has been named Storm Otto.

The storm, named by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), will move east across the far north of the UK from the early hours of Friday morning (February 17), bringing 75mph winds to some northern areas.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Andy Page said: “Storm Otto will bring high winds and rain to the UK, with some northern parts of Scotland and the northeast of England likely to get the strongest gusts of wind, possibly in excess of 75mph.

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"Warnings have been issued and could be updated as Storm Otto develops."

There was further words of warning issued for lorry drivers in the blustery conditions.

“There’s a chance of travel disruption and high-sided vehicles could be particularly prone to disrupted plans in this set-up. There’s associated rain with Storm Otto, with 40-50 mm of rain likely to fall over parts of western Scotland,” Page added.

Other dangers lying ahead include the potential for large waves, especially in the North Sea coasts with a risk of damage to buildings and infrastructure not ruled out.

Denmark getting dibs on naming the storm is due to them being in line for even more severe weather from the storm on Friday afternoon.

Otto is the first named storm that will directly impact the UK this naming season (from September 2022).

The first storm named by the Met Office will still be Storm Antoni, in accordance with the 2022/23 storm name list.

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Once Storm Otto has passed the UK late on Friday, the weekend weather is likely to be a mix of cloud and rain, with cool conditions overnight increasing the likelihood of ice forming for some.

Sunday (February 19) will be see the best weather, with clearer spells for a time early on before some drizzly spells later in the day.

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