Spain wildfire: Ill equipped Firefighters struggle to tackle raging inferno – VIDEO

Spain: Firefighters tackle wildfires as heatwave hits Europe

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Many countries in Europe have been experiencing heat waves and rising temperatures this week.

The highest temperatures around the fires have reached up to 42 degrees, and around 3,000 people have been evacuated due to the ongoing blaze.

Officials have reported that around 200 acres of land have already been burnt in the area, and there will be more areas destroyed in the process as emergency services continue to battle to extinguish the fires.

Some environmental scientists have warned Spain, France and the UK that the heatwaves they are currently experiencing are due to climate change.

Footage from the fire shows the true destruction of the natural disaster, flames can not only be seen but they can be heard as they burn through vast acres of forest.

Firefighters can be seen struggling to use a fire hose to extinguish the golden flames.

Firefighters in In Zaragoza forest are putting their own lives at risk to brave the extreme temperatures.

And although the fires are being fought in the daytime, the skies around the forest are filled with thick smokey hues of orange and grey.

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Emergency services around the area have continued to be on high alert due to the risk of injury.

Up to eleven villages have been evacuated to safety as the smoke and soaring temperature can irritate the lungs and be a health risk to local residents.

Tourists in Spain have been warned to stay away from the danger zone as temperatures are continuing to soar.

Scientists have warned other European countries as well as Spain that this could be a sign of more to come.

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Many Spanish residents in the area of Sierra de la Culebra have had to sit online and watch the fires rip through the forest next to their homes.

Safety officials and firefighters are continuing to battle the inferno as calls for them to do more continue to pile in from residents

Social media users on Twitter have been filming and uploading clips of the blaze from a safe distance.

One social media user took to the sight to share how upset he was about the damage done to the environment.

One Twitter user @mmmmmmpc said: “I’m very sorry. My parents are from, very close. This is overwhelmingly sad. The town where my mom was born, Asturianos, is opening the Albergue and Polideportivo for anyone who has to be displaced. If you know anyone who needs help tell them to contact the mayor of it.”

@Reed175Francois said: “Isn’t the real question one of our votes for more than 20 years? Did we vote to put people in power at the local and national level who are committed to fighting climate change, biodiversity loss and all the other environmental challenges that threaten us?”

@Myhatisred said: “Oh no!  feel for you. Hope there will be no lives lost – everything else can be replaced. Devastating to see childhood memories going up in flames, Hang in there, my friend.”

@Mvgilmatellanes said: “I can repeat exactly your same words, so sad.”

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