Something must be done about AI before it ‘terrifies the public’, MPs warn

Artificial Intelligence is 'potentially disastrous' for humanity and an urgent international summit is needed to combat the danger, MPs have warned.

The MPs want countries to agree to the conditions necessary for the safe and secure testing of advanced AI.

Business and trade committee chairman Darren Jones said concerns are being flagged about 'novel national security threats' such as ChatGPT creating 'cyber attack' software.

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Action was needed before something happens that 'terrifies the public'.

Science and technology committee boss Greg Clark said a summit would allow the UK to show global leadership, adding robots offered a 'spectrum' of possibilities 'from positive transformations for mankind to potentially disastrous ones'.

A Department for Science, Innovation and Technology spokesman said: "The Government agrees with the need to manage risks and prevent the abuse of AI technology as it plays a greater role in our lives.

"People should trust that it won't be used to undermine their safety, their privacy, their rights or their health.''

In March an open letter signed by tech leaders including SpaceX and Twitter chief Elon Musk called for a 'pause' to allow time for the creation of a 'set of shared safety protocols'.

It identified a wide spectrum of threats from the potential of AI to 'flood' society with disinformation and 'automate away all the jobs' to the development of 'non-human minds that might outnumber, outsmart, obsolete and replace us'.

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