Snowfall to sweep across the UK in the coming days as temperatures plunge to -6C

Overnight temperatures could plummet as low as -6C this weekend as forecasters issue warnings to expect snow showers.

The cold weather is expected to sweep across all regions of the UK with the Met Office predicting the arrival of an easterly airflow that could result in predominantly dry conditions and a risk of fog.

A brisk easterly wind, meanwhile, may make daytime temperatures, that are near or just under average for early December at mid-to-high single figures for most regions, feel even colder.

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Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Tony Wardle is not expecting the biting conditions to be anything out of the ordinary, though, for the beginning of the final month of the year.

He said: "Uncertainties in the forecast start to develop as we head through next week with models offering two possible scenarios. We could continue in an easterly airflow, or we could see air crossing the UK from the north.

"Both these scenarios will result in cold weather but, it is important to note, neither scenario will bring anything unusual for this time of year in the UK."

If a northerly airflow does blow in across the country, then brighter, but colder, weather can be expected with daytime temperatures peaking between 0C to 4C and overnight from -6C to -2C.

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Snow showers will be the expected consequence whether the airflow breezes in from the north or the east, although it is even more likely in the former scenario, according to the Met Office.

In the event of an easterly airflow, temperatures will be a touch warmer, ranging from 2C to 5C in the day and from -4C to -2C at night even though the wind chill factor will lead to the impression that it is colder.

The weather would also remain murky, but drier with any snowfall mainly restricted to high ground in the north.


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