Sky News host in furious row with Russian MP ‘Independence has nothing to do with Russia!’

Ukraine: Russian deputy accuses British media of propaganda

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Russian MP Vyacheslav Nikonov lost it with Sky News presenter Jayne Secker after she pointed out Ukranians are “terrified” of a potential Russian invasion. Ms Secker said: “We’ve got correspondents in Donetsk and Luhansk at the moment. We have asked the people what they feel and they’ve told us they’re terrified and they’ve had to leave their menfolk behind.

“They’re terrified of a Russian invasion.”

Mr Nikonov retorted: “A Russian invasion? Come on, I don’t think you were there.

“I’ve visited the place many times and I do know the feelings of the people.

“Unfortunately the problem we’re facing when dealing with the western media is you believe your own propaganda. That would never happen in Russia.

“My suggestion is don’t do that because that’s just all forced.

“There are four million people living there.”

Ms Secker interjected: “The fact of the matter is whether they deserve independence or not, it’s got nothing to do with you because you’re not Ukrainian.

“If an independent part of Ukraine wishes to become independent that’s on them, isn’t it?

“It’s got nothing to do with Russia.”

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