Skin-crawling moment doctor finds spider moving around in woman’s ear canal

A woman complaining of hearing discomfort has rushed to the hospital to find a spider crawling inside her ear canal.

Ms Yi, from the city of Zhuzhou in southern China's Hunan province, admitted herself to a local Chinese medicine hospital on Monday (October 18) after going for a field trip on the previous day.

Skin-crawling video shows a tiny spider scurrying inside around Ms Yi's left ear as the expert switches on the flashlight.

The creepy crawly is very much alive and even approaches towards the camera, appearing much bigger in size on screen.

Ear, Nose and Throat expert, Dr Li Guoli, said: "The patient complained of a noise in her left ear yesterday.

"She came here today and we used an electric otoscope to find a spider crawling very close to the eardrum."

The specialist removed the spider from Ms Yi's ear and confirmed that the arachnid was still "very much alive".

Dr Li also advised people to be careful when they walk around the woods or hiking.

"You must go to the hospital and look for a specialist if there is any bugs get into the ear," she warned.

"Do not attempt to stick tweezers, cotton swabs or other subjects into the ear.

"It can push the bug further towards the eardrum, potentially leading to injuries and hearing loss."

Many viewers said the footage sent them goosebumps and some said they were getting paranoid.

One wrote: "Oh no, I can't stop touching my ear while watching this."

Another penned: "This is scary. What if the spider starts weaving web inside the ear?"

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"My ears are itchy all the time and I use cotton buds to clean it…Oh no, I might have done something wrong," a third added.

In April 2020, a doctor was shocked to find a spider weaving webs inside a pensioner's ear.

The specialist believed the insect stayed inside the ear because of the moisture and warmth along the ear canal.

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