Six months gone: The mysterious disappearance of Marlborough woman Melissa Ewings

Six months ago 31-year-old Melissa Ewings went for a walk – and was never seen again.

She was last seen just before dusk on Sunday, September 20, and failed to show up at work at a beekeeping business just 400m from her house the following morning.

Ewings was then reported missing.

For half a year her family and friends have held out hope that she would be found, but her disappearance remains a mystery.

After Ewings vanished, police found her house was locked, her car parked in its usual spot, her wallet and bank cards where they should be.

None of her personal belongings was missing.

Ewings’ family said she was a keen adventurer, but it was very unlike her not to keep in contact with them.

Days after she was last seen her cellphone was found, tracked to within 100m of her home at Clarence, north of Kaikoura.

The Herald reported at the time that police search teams had gone through all of the local properties and spoken to the residents as search and rescue teams scoured the nearby Clarence River.

The body of water had been swollen and muddy since Ewings disappeared and there were fears she may have fallen in.

Coastline checks were also carried out and helicopters were used for extensive aerial searches.

Still, there was nothing.

Ewings had simply vanished.

Twenty-four days after Ewings was reported missing, Marlborough area prevention manager Peter Payne said the search for her had been officially suspended.

“While we are no longer actively searching for Melissa, we will review any new information that is brought to our attention.

“Every missing persons inquiry is treated on a case-by-case basis and a decision about when to suspend a search involves a number of factors, including the areas able to be searched, evidence located and other lines of enquiry being exhausted.”

Payne acknowledged how difficult the disappearance had been for theEwings family and promised police would “continue to keep an open mind as to what has happened to her”.

“Police continue to make enquiries into the disappearance of Melissa Ewings and will also review any new information that is brought to our attention,” said a spokeswoman this morning.

“Anyone with information should get in touch by calling 105, quoting file number 200922/5064.”

The Herald has contacted the Ewings family for comment.

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