Sick ‘zoosadists’ where Brit puppy raper befriended like-minded animal abusers

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    An online community of suspected animal abusers known as zoosadists has been uncovered in connection to investigations into dog rapist and British zoologist Adam Britton.

    A man has admitted to raping and abusing a dog while his wife has been accused of animal torture. Meanwhile, the involvement of Jaden Young Korse, who helped British-Australian Britton make a twisted video, has been revealed.

    Lucas Russell VanWoert, 25, and his wife Heather Marie VanWoert, 32, were arrested at their home in Ohio, USA, in September 2022 as part of an international investigation looking into twisted Britton. The “crocodile expert” made and shared content surrounding the rape and mutilation of Animals in Australia.

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    He was arrested in Darwin a month after authorities from the US and Australia began investigating a video titled 1Bitch9Pups which began circulating online six months earlier in March 2022. He was charged with nearly 60 offences and on September 25 pleaded guilty at Darwin’s Supreme Court and now awaits sentence.

    Connections have now been made between Britton and others he is thought to have linked with via online platforms catering to people who fetishised the rape and abuse of animals. From around November 2020, Mr VanWoert and Britton are believed to have exchanged 705 photos and videos of abuse with each other.

    Mr VanWoert shared footage of him raping and torturing at least four dogs which he then shared with Britton. Documents filed in the US District Court are reported by MailOnline to say that the VanWoerts did not play a part in the production of the twisted video 1Bitch9Pups.

    A sun-shaped tattoo on Mr VanWoert’s arm was visible in the footage and was used to identify him. A raid was carried out on his home although he was not arrested.

    Following the raid, he readily admitted to engaging in sex acts, beating, and strangling a dog in Michigan and throwing its body in a bin. From here he was charged with the creation of videos that, in the name of sexual gratification, show animals being impaled and stomped on.

    He has not been released on bail and could face 12 years behind bars. His wife Heather was arrested in November 2022 and handed 12 charges relating to animal torture.

    Elsewhere, Young Korse has been unmasked as a member of the community who went by the name Gorvaged and helped Britton, who went by the name Monster, in the production of his sick videos. The identity of the 24-year-old from Kentucky was revealed by internet sleuths in April.

    The Daily Mail Australia recently identified Korse, who died in 2021 from a fentanyl overdose, as the man who helped Britton with the videos. Britton admitted to 37 counts of animal cruelty, 10 counts of raping or attempting to rape a dog, and four counts of possessing or transmitting child abuse material in Darwin's Supreme Court on Monday (October 2).

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