Shark attack horror leaves ‘extremely lucky’ Australian surfer shaken after narrow escape

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Warnings were issued and authorities ordered the closure of Cable Beach amid reports of a shark encounter there. It follows another attack in the area only two weeks ago which left one man dead.

In this most recent incident, a surfer reported being knocked off of his surfboard, which was bitten and damaged on Wednesday morning.

Police said the man was left in shock and taken to hospital, but was uninjured, according to Australian news outlet PerthNow.

The suspected attack took place at around 7am. The surfer was about 50 metres offshore when the incident took place.

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They were not able to identify the species that reportedly attacked them.

SharkSmart, a shark activity warning app for the West Australia region, has issued a warning for Cable Beach as a result of the reports.

It said: “A shark warning has been issued for Cable Beach in in the Shire of Broome after a suspected interaction with a shark at Cable beach was reported at 07:00am this morning the 9th of December.”

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The app advises users to “adhere to beach closures advised by Local Government Rangers, Parks and Wildlife Service officers or Surf Life Saving WA”.

Meanwhile, Steve Pearse, a local surfer and friend of the man who was reportedly attacked, said he spoke with him following the incident.

He told ABC news: “He seems fine, a bit shaken obviously, but he’s a pretty solid guy.

“Initially he thought he’d just hit another surfer next to him.”

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However, the other surfer said they did not feel any collision, and at that point a shark was suspected, according to Mr Pearse. The surfers then paddled back to shore.

When they got there, they looked at the man’s board and found “about six or seven teeth marks” to the rear of it.

Mr Pearse described the shaken surfer as “an extremely lucky guy”.

According to reports, the surfboard has been taken for DNA testing to identify the type of shark.

SharkSmart added Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development fisheries officers will be conducting patrols of the beach.

It adds anyone who sees a shark should report it to Water Police.

The attack is not the only one to have hit Cable Beach in recent days.

Last month, a 59-year-old man was killed as a result of a shark attack there.

He was recovered from the water with what reports called serious thigh and hand injuries.

However, St John Ambulance workers pronounced him dead at the scene.

The man had been reportedly been swimming at the time of the attack, which was reported at around 8:42am in the morning.

7News claimed the incident marked the first attack in the area in nearly 27 years.

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