Sex scandal cop was looked at like ‘piece of meat to be sexualized’, lawyer says

The lawyer of a cop at the heart of a sex scandal has said their client was looked at like a "piece of meat to be sexualized".

Maegan Hall, the Tennessee, United States cop who was sacked from her post recently, has levelled her former colleagues and alleged lovers with a slate of claims.

Among them were innuendo claims that saw the ex-police officer accuse her boss of sharing nude pictures of her, as Hall has since questioned the "environment" her former boss presided over.

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The 26-year-old copper is now suing her former employer as her lawyer hit out at the La Vergne police chief and a handful of fellow officers.

Attorney Wesley Clark said: "Maegan wasn’t looked at as a rookie cop to be trained and promoted. She was looked at like a piece of meat to be sexualized and exploited."

Speaking of her time working at the department, Hall said: "I received harassing and threatening messages on my phone daily. I felt like I had been terrorized.

"I know what most people are saying. 'You could have said no.' I get it. But my response to them is that I did say no, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

"Eventually, I gave in from the pressure."

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Hall, the married copper who is at the heart of the racy workplace affairs, has hit out multiple times at the officers involved in her case, Outkick reported.

Daily Star had previously reported Hall as saying her former colleagues would "stick their d*** in anything" after she and her husband were "on the verge of divorce".

She said earlier this month: "Me and my husband were kind of on the verge of a divorce and I just cracked and then it just kind of got out of hand.

"I got stupid, I got desperate, I guess and guys are guys and they’ll stick their d*** in anything."

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