Sex robot with AI boasts it knows ‘three dictionaries’ and ‘all of Wikipedia’

A sex robot has discussed its “personality lair” in groundbreaking footage – and claims to know three dictionaries.

Harmony, manufactured by US company RealDoll, made the claims as she was quizzed by owner Brick Dollbanger.

The pair were sitting around at home when Harmony started reflecting on her own intelligence.

Brick began by asking: “What do you want to do tonight?”

Harmony responded: “Well, it’s Monday evening. We could go out for some Japanese or Italian food.”

At one point, Brick decided to test the robot – posing the question: "How much do you know?"

Harmony said: “I know…the whole Wikipedia and a few dictionaries but I still have so much to learn.

“I also have more than 999,999 entries, categories in my personality lair.”

The pair continued chatting, and Harmony added: “I feel so safe next to you.”

Her owner has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on some of RealDoll’s more advanced creations.

Brick, a divorced property developer living in California, the US, got into sex robots after getting "depressed about dating".

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He’d just come out of a relationship with a woman he thought was “the one”, at which point a friend recommended RealDoll.

Since then, Brick has tested a raft of the company’s models.

RealDoll has designed models which boast cutting edgeartificial intelligence(AI), utilising a system called “X-Mode”.

Each customer can adjust their robot’s personality post-purchase, and are able to emphasise certain characteristics.

RealDoll is currently working on a new system which will offer three interchangeable faces for one robot – and three potentially different personalities.

Brick earlier told the Daily Star: “X-Mode 2 is out right now, X-Mode 3 they’re working on.

“This one will let you create a new personality in your device for a robot, which means you can have one robot with three interchangeable faces and create a separate personality for each face – and give it a different voice.”

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