Sewage floods beach popular with Brits as town’s ‘excessive eating’ bursts pipes

Beachgoers were stunned when a sewage pipe burst and sent gallons of contaminated water into the sea at a tourist spot popular with Brits.

Footage taken by a tourist shows a torrent of dark green-coloured sewage gushing from an exposed pipe in the resort town of Kusadasi in the western part of Turkey.

Dozens of sun-seekers are swimming in the water unaware of the toxic leak from the ruptured drainage pipe.

At one point, a woman is seen gesturing to her family to get out of the water while other beachgoers are packing their bags and moving away from the pipes.

A second video shows how a ruptured sewer pipe right next to a stall completely floods a number of residential roads with filthy brown liquid.

The raw sewage that flooded the streets was then pumped into the sea after it entered the town's rainwater drainage system.

People celebrating a nine-day feast in Turkey have been blamed for excessive consumption that caused the sewage pipe to burst and flood the local beach which is hugely popular with British and Irish tourists and expats.

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The beach was packed with sun seekers at the time, and it is likely most were initially unaware that the sea was being filled with human waste just metres from where they were bathing.

The incident took place on Saturday, July 24, just as the town's population swelled to nearly a million inhabitants after the Eid al-Adha holiday attracted domestic and international revellers.

Shortly after the incident occurred, tourists left the beach in droves, as they had noticed the sea changing colour and the bad smell starting to permeate the area.

The pipe was fixed by the local authorities shortly after the rupture was reported.

The stunning town of Kusadasi is a popular cruise ship destination thanks to its blue seas and seafront promenade lined with hotels and restaurants.

It is also often a jumping-off point for visiting the classical ruins at nearby Ephesus.

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