‘Severe’ shaking: 7.2m earthquake strikes upper North Island

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake has struck near Te Araroa in the North Island, causing ‘severe’ shaking.

Geonet reports the quake struck at 2.27am this morning 95km east of Te Araroa.

The intensity is described as severe.

The quake was felt across New Zealand, with Kiwis quickly reporting the jolt on social media.

People reported feeling the shakes in Auckland, Wellington and even Christchurch.

Beck Vass said the quake “was very long and wobbly in Tauranga”.

The National Emergency Management Agency said on Twitter it is assessing whether the earthquake has created a tsunami that could affect New Zealand.

“We will provide an update as soon as the initial assessment has been completed.”

They said people in coastal areas should:

* Listen to the radio and/or TV for updates, and NZCivilDefence Twitter;

* Listen to local Civil Defence authorities;

* Stay out of the water (sea, rivers and estuaries, this includes boats);

* Stay off beaches and shore areas;

* Do not go sightseeing;

* Share this information with family, neighbours and friends.

One Twitter user from Wellington described the earthquake as ‘terrifying’.

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