Serial killer nurse who ‘enjoyed’ injected patients with air sentenced to death

A serial killer nurse in the US who had “fun” killing patients by injecting air into their bloodstream has been sentenced to death.

William George Davis killed four people during 2017 and 2018 as he worked at the cardiovascular casualty department at Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Texas.

The 37-year-old was found guilty on October 19 by a jury of injecting air into Christopher Greenaway, 47, Jose Kalina, 58, Ronald Clark, 68, and John Lafferty, 74.

The New York Times reported that doctors were originally puzzled by the patients’ deterioration following surgery after scans revealed signs of air in their brains.

Davis was caught when it was noticed that the nurse was on shift during all four deaths.

The court heard how video footage caught him entering a patient's room just moments before the heart monitor alarm sounded.

Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman previously said: "He killed these four patients. He did it on purpose. He did it by injecting air into their arterial lines."

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Prosecutors told the court that Davis “enjoyed” injecting air into patients and how he “liked” to kill people.

During closing arguments, prosecutor Chris Gatewood described footage of Davis as he simply sat at the end of the hall and waited for the monitor to go off.

Phillip Hayes, defending David, told the court that he has been “at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

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Hayes also previously argued that Davis had "no reason to kill" and said: "Are you trying to kill people or are you trying to save people because here we’re doing both."

The court dismissed the arguments and found Davis guilty before later sentencing him to death.

Davis is now in custody at the Smith County jail on a $8.75million bond.

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