Search continues for dog washed over waterfall in Lynn Canyon

Friends and strangers alike turned out Sunday to help a Metro Vancouver woman search for her dog, after the beloved pet was swept over a waterfall in Lynn Canyon on Saturday.

Macarena Masedo and her husband were playing with their nine-year-old golden retriever Maya when the dog followed a stick into Lynn Creek.

Moments later, the dog was swept away by the rushing current and over a waterfall.

“My husband tried to catch her, but she was a bit scared and nervous, and then all of a sudden she was swamped by the water,” said Masedo.

Masedo called for help and park rangers along with the District of North Vancouver Fire Rescue Service came to search.

Firefighters even conducted a high-angle rope descent in an attempt to locate the lost dog.

Unfortunately, Saturday’s search was fruitless, leading Masedo and about two dozen supporters — some she’d never met, who learned of the search on Facebook — back to the park on Sunday.

“I have to say thank you to everyone,” said Masedo.

“She’s very strong. So if she made it after the fall, I’m sure she’s fine.”

Maya is microchipped, and anyone who sees her is being asked to call 604-543-6700.

In the meantime, Duncan says the incident is a reminder of how dangerous the region’s creeks and waterways can be during spring runoff.

“I know the river is beautiful and you kind of feel like you want to get close — even if you have a four-legged friend who normally wants to go swimming, now is not the time,” he said.

“It is definitely a high-flow river right now due to the snowmelt. And the best of times, that river is very powerful and unforgiving, as we’ve seen many people get injured or unfortunately worse in that canyon.”

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