Screaming dad tried to fight 13ft croc before he’s dragged under and eaten alive

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An Indonesian man has died after being dragged along a river by a 13ft crocodile and eventually being eaten.

The shocking incident happened on February 15 and troubling moments of the attack have been filmed and shared online.

The 51-year-old victim, who has only been identified by the first name of Luther, had been bathing in the water after gathering palm leaves by the Bebatu river in the country when the crocodile struck.

While his friends looked on in horror, Luther attempted to fight off the monster but it eventually dragged him underwater and up the river to his death.

In a shocking video, the man can be seen kicking and screaming as the crocodile drags him across the river.

A man can be heard saying: “Oh my god, the crocodile ate the man.”

Following the attack, authorities searched the area surrounding the river but were unable to find either Luther or the crocodile.

The head of a nearby village named Mahmuda, stressed that the incident while tragic was sadly common.

He said: “It really happened here. The victim's name was Luther.

“Incidents of people being attacked by crocodiles in the canal also happened before.”

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As a result of the bloody incident, the river and canals close to the attack zone have been closed.

Warning signs read: “No activity in this area, it's dangerous. There's a crocodile.”

While the village grieves the death of Luther, who leaves behind children, the army and police are frantically searching for his remains.

Lieutenant Colonel Tri Prio Utomo, of the Tana Tidung Military District, said: “We are constrained by the location where there are lots of bushes, branching canals, and inadequate equipment but our team will try our best to find the victim.

“We urge everyone not to come near the canal so please obey the signs to avoid these incidents from happening.”

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