Russia’s terrifying weapon that is ‘ready to destroy’ British tanks in Ukraine

A top Russian military expert has claimed that tanks being sent from the United Kingdom to Ukraine might not be used in battle for very long – because Russia is “ready to destroy them”.

Alexey Leonkov was speaking to pro-Putin media in the wake of the news that the UK – and other NATO countries – were sending Challenger Two and possibly Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

The former are coming from the UK, while the latter will be sent by Germany once agreed upon by leaders.

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The UK will ship 14 of the military beasts to the country, with the hopes of finally ending Russia's reign of terror.

But Leonkov, speaking to Kremlin-backed Moskovskij Komsomolets, intimated that Russia doesn't seem that bothered by the new tanks . . . at all.

Leonkov, who organisation War and Sanctions has demanded world leaders take action against, said: “(We can destroy them) with the help of old Soviet anti-tank missile systems (ATGM) called Malyutka.

“This was done so successfully (in other battles) that the second army corps of the Turkish army abandoned the ground offensive operation (in Syria), in which tanks participated, and attacked the Kurds remotely using artillery and missile systems.

“In general, a tank is a breakthrough weapon, but NATO will not be able to provide a large number of them.

“The Ukrainian command can use them in the next attempts to counterattack – the question here is rather what tactics the Armed Forces of Ukraine will use.”

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Leonkov is editor-in-chief of another Putin-backed media outlet, Arsenal Otechestva.

His is also frequently used by Russia's 24-channel to promote Putin's war.

Pointing to previous Ukrainian tactics used in battle – successfully – he claimed that Russia has learned from it, and British tanks won't be of any use.

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He explained: “Now it is possible that the Ukrainians can reconsider the combinations and make a company tactical group consisting only of tanks.

“For example, a whole company of 14 British tanks is being delivered, so it can be used on some sector of the front.

“Then, of course, the line of contact with us had some gaps, trench and mine barriers were poorly built, which, in fact, the Armed Forces of Ukraine took advantage of – now the line of combat contact is stable, and such breakthroughs are doomed to failure.”

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