Russian sex workers suffer as clientele are sent off to fight in war in Ukraine

The Russian sex industry is suffering as its clientele is being sent off to war, claims a kinky company.

Sex workers and swingers have been forced to adapt over the last year after Putin's Russian troops illegally invaded Ukraine.

And with thousands of people fleeing the country or being sent to fight, sex workers claim there is no one left to make use of their services.

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Speaking to The Times, Taisiya Blanch, co-founder of the Moscow-based operator Kinky Party, said: “At first, after February 24, there were noticeably fewer people willing to participate. Society was experiencing intense levels of stress — nerves were shot.”

Sex workers across the country have reported a decline in the industry, as both business and revenue fall.

One publication claimed earnings fell by between 30 and 50%.

However, they claim some sex workers, who are based near training camps for soldiers – like Novosibirsk – are seeing a surge.

Additionally, one sex party organiser claimed that she had seen an increase in the number of people attending swinging sessions as people take on a more "living in the moment" attitude.

The publication also spoke to a woman named Kristina who is involved in providing human right assistance to Russian sex workers.

She said: “There has been a reassessment of values. There was a boom in hasty marriages.

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“Some were for the war, some were against it, some girls even lost regular customers due to the fact that they did not see eye to eye.”

She also noted a “publicity stunt” at the beginning of the war where one escort service dressed its employees in Ukrainian embroidered shirts so that clients could “punish” them.

Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin has decided to try and weaponise one of the only competitions his country is not banned from.

Putin has publicly backed his country's Miss Universe contestant Anna Linnikova who is just 22 years old.

Ukraine will also have a contestant at the annual tournament, held in less than two weeks' time (January 14).

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