Russian ‘full mobilisation’ on scale of WW2 ‘expected in coming days’

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    Russia could be moving towards a “full mobilisation” after a series of dramatic days in its war with Ukraine, a researcher has claimed.

    Drones have been flying towards both countries’ capital cities with Moscow coming under another alleged attack after explosions were seen on the Kremlin a few weeks ago.

    The incident has sparked concerns among some think tanks and war monitors that the drone sent to Moscow could have been done under the guise of a “false flag” – an operation performed by Russia designed to look like the work of Ukraine.

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    There is no definitive evidence either way, with leading open-source monitoring and think tank representatives taking to Twitter to hash out what the latest developments could mean.

    One researcher, Igor Sushko, works for the Winds of Change Research Group, which claims to be a “non-profit think tank focusing on democratic values, anti-corruption systems, and importance of strong national defence”.

    Discussing one possible outcome, Mr Sushko said: “Alleged FSB source in Moscow: Full mobilization is likely to be announced in the coming days in Russia.

    "If this is true, then this morning's multiple drone attacks on Moscow, most of which appear to be getting shot down by air defence, could very well be Putin's false flag.”

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    No verification of the credibility of his source has been able to made by the Daily Star, with others such as open source monitor OSINTdefender claiming that based on available information the drone was launched "by the Ukrainian Military."

    Putin has of course mobilised parts of the Russian population before, but the crucial difference of “full” means the scale could be far larger.

    The Soviet Union is largely credited with one of the biggest mobilisation efforts in history when it built up an army of roughly 34 million to fight Nazi Germany in World War Two.

    Further to the 300,000 already pulled into service in Autumn last year the next wave of mobilisation could see even more men sent to the warzone.

    While the definition of "full mobilisation" is not clear, the use of the language in comparison to the "partial mobilisation" that saw 300,000 sent to fight raises major concerns regarding the escalation of the conflict.

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