Russian deserter shot dead by Putin marksman while fleeing to see wife

Russia: Putin facing ‘internal division’ in the military says expert

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A Russian marksman shot dead a one of Vladimir Putin’s army deserters who fled his military base in Ukraine to reunite with his wife, according to reports. Dmitry Perov, 31, travelled around 350 miles to Lipetsk in western Russia to be reunited with his wife. But his journey home was abruptly cut short by a shot that claimed his life in a snowy field in the village of Novouglyanka – only 50 miles away from his wife.

A video showed him on his way home, apparently to see his wife Ekaterina Perova, 25, and staying with his mother in the Voronezh region along the way.

According to Russian authorities, Mr Perov allegedly fled his military unit armed on January 13 with an automatic weapon and ammunition and later resister his arrest when he was discovered five days later.

Local authorities described him as a dangerous criminal. He is being portrayed as a “mad dog” with no evidence, according the Malyuta Skuratov Telegram channel, which debunked the accusations.

The channel said: “His whole crime so far is only unauthorised abandonment of a military unit.”

Law enforcement say that after a manhunt he was “discovered and liquidated”, with official sources adding: “There is no threat to residents. Pre-investigation activities are carried out.”

Mr Perov was serving military unit No. 11045 of the 344th reconnaissance regiment.

Fears are rising thoses cases are only one of many where Putin’s enforcement officer detain and kill Russian conscripts who try to flee the battle front.

In December, Pavel Nikolin reportedly escaped from a military unit in Moscow. He dressed in camouflage, opened fire with a light machine gun at police officers, when he got caught dissenting. He was detained on December 7 in the village of Kiselevo and has not been heard of since.

Former convict Yevgeny Novikov told Polygon Media and the independent Mozhem Obyasnit outlet: “Those who disobey are eliminated — and it’s done publicly.”

The two Russian dissenters were among the hundreds of thousands of men conscripted against their will on Vladimir Putin’s orders.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilisation of 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine in September 2022, he also tightened desertion laws. Putin introduced a penalty of up to 10 years in prison if soldiers defect or refuse to fight.

Despite the risk of imprisonment, Russian draftees from Yaroslav Oblast of Russia reportedly retreated under heavy shelling on orders of the company commander.

In a video translated by the @wartranslated Twitter account, the soldiers said: “We were deceived. Upon coming here, we went into assaults and stayed in the very front line.”

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Other videos emerging from the battlefield shows Russian troops refusing to take up arms amid freezing temperatures, sometimes dropping as low as -25C.

Conscripts in the Novosibirsk region of Russia urged their family to protest their treatment on their behalf as they threatened a mutiny against the Kremlin.

A Russian soldier speaking on behalf of more than two dozen troops seen in the video said: “It is now -25C. We have to live here, in the ice. At the same time, our leadership intimidates us.

“They do not provide medical assistance or rations until we move to these positions.

“We want the military prosecutor, the FSB and Vladimir Putin in person to consider this video address.”

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