Red-faced dad breaks iconic dolphin ride – tries to hide evidence in his car

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A visit to the park with his daughter and nephew ended up leaving a dad red-faced after he broke a children’s dolphin rocking toy.

David Beeby, 32, who had taken the youngsters to Kettering's Pleasure Park, was trying to make his nephew laugh, and thought it would be a good idea to have a go on the dolphin.

“I started to go back and forwards and was surprised that it was holding my weight,” David told Northants Live.

“I pulled my weight as far back as I could several times, which my nephew saw and started to try to do the same on his ride.

“After a couple of pushes and pulls, I thought I should start doing it going forward. The first time worked a treat, the second time worked even better and then the third time… CRACK!”

To his embarrassment, a crowd was present to witness David’s epic fail.

“The whole park went quiet and people started to laugh. I got up – totally red-faced, embarrassed and guilty,” he said.

Not wanting to leave the broken toy in a dangerous state where children play, he “dragged and carried” the broken dolphin back to his car – but he didn't realise that constituted stealing public property.

“I spoke to a woman from the council on the phone, who, through laughing fits, explained to me that I broke and stole something! She said my details have been put down on the system and the council will be in touch. I mentioned I will pay for any damages caused as it was due to my stupidity that I broke it.”

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Facebook users found the funny side of David’s disastrous visit to the park, and some said it would be harsh for him to pay for the repairs himself.

Louisa Robinson suggested that the community helps David pay for the damage.

“This is brilliant. This man shouldn't have to pay for this, especially because he was genuinely playing with his nephew (and making us all laugh),” she said.

“We should set up a GoFundMe page and all chip in to say thank you for giving us all a good laugh! I would certainly be happy putting some money in – it was a genuine mistake!”

But David said he didn't want anyone else to pay for him being "dumb" – and added that he would use the embarrassing accident as a valuable lesson for daughter Lola, six.

“It was a good opportunity to teach my daughter that no matter how big a problem seems, it is always best to be honest, even if you are extremely embarrassed or just want to run away and hide," David said.

“Now I’m waiting for the local council to come around to get their dolphin back, which I’m sure is going to be an interesting conversation.”

But all’s well that ends well: David has now been told that the council will collect the poor dolphin from him, and he won’t be given a bill because it “shouldn't break, no matter who is on it”.

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