Real reason Simpson’s famous future predictions ‘aren’t just coincidences’

Conversations about how The Simpsons have been successfully predicting the future have been ongoing for years, but now a YouTube channel reckons it's worked it out.

Time travel and fortune-telling have both been regularly thrown up as possible candidates for how the popular cartoon got so many things right over the years.

So profound have some of the show's predictions been that it has become an entity in popular culture in itself.

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The election of Donald Trump to Twitter becoming X and the loss of the Titanic submarine are all among some of the more high-profile recent incidents predicted by the beloved show – but how do they do it?

Despite the conspiracy theories that have circulated for years, YouTube channel Chuppl reckons it is nothing as outlandish as time travel, but rather a simple, straightforward solution.

Rather than something sensational, the channel’s team think it comes down to the backgrounds of the show’s writing teams – rather than anything clairvoyant.

The host of the video The Simpsons Conspiracy: How They Predict The Future said: “Unlike most other shows, The Simpsons writing team consists largely of writers who are extremely educated in fields ranging from mathematics to social sciences because of this they are also really connected to those that are on the cutting edge.”

They point out that writer David Cohen studied physics at Harvard.

The team also noted the show always makes sure it gets its maths right, recruiting top mathematicians like Columbia University astrologer David Schiminovich to write equations that feature in the show.

The team even worked out that it takes around 13 years for a prediction made by the show to come true and that the most accurate predictions come from writers with math degrees.

Showrunner Al Jean previously told Metro: “Most of the other things like Trump being President or Brazil winning the world cup are educated guesses.

“Trump was considering being President back in the 90s. We wanted Germany to win because we went to Brazil to lose and Germany was the next best bet for the World Cup.

“So, a lot of the things that we predicted are just, unfortunately, things you could see coming.”

The Simpsons is available on Disney Plus.

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