Rat in sandwich shop filmed scurrying over food and ‘nibbling’ it

A hungry rat disgusted customers in a sandwich shop when it was caught running among the freshly prepared food.

In a TikTok video uploaded by user @s00pz she is clearly shocked as she films the rodent on her mobile phone.

The rat appears to be inspecting one of the sandwiches in the chiller display and is sniffing it with interest.

It then looks like it might be gnawing or licking the corner – but it is wrapped in plastic.

The critter seems to be confused by the plastic wrap because it can see the food but can't smell it.

In the video, she ironically used the audio: "Sometimes people are like 'Why did you move back to New York' and I was like 'I just really love the ambiance'."

She joked in the caption: "Uh is the rat taking our order or…"

Since she uploaded the clip it has gone viral with more than one million views and thousands of comments.

One person joked: "That's the chef guys. Have some respect."

"They're wrapped in plastic wrap, what's the issue?" said a second user who didn't have a problem with the health implications, or was being sarcastic.

A third asked: "Serious question, why would anyone live here?"

"It sounds scary living in New York I've heard of rats coming up through the sink," commented someone else.

Unfortunately, wild rats can carry diseases that are fatal to humans such as Weil's disease which makes them a particular safety hazard in food preparation areas, places where food is stored, and people's homes.

This comes after a woman living in London claimed she was attacked by "100 rats" while she was jogging through a popular park at night.

She said she "felt like she was going to be sick" during the ordeal and received multiple small bites and scratches from the animals.

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