Rampaging dog savages schoolgirl and two others in spate of vicious attacks

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    A "dangerous and crazy" dog savagely bit and injured an 11-year-old schoolgirl and two other helpless victims during three separate attacks.

    The youngest of the victims said the Alsatian-type dog "lunged at her" as she walked home from school, leaving her suffering from nightmares and with a fear of the animal she once loved.

    The first victim was a 74-year-old man out on his early morning stroll. A court heard that the large dog ran out at him from behind a wall in the Lock Keepers Court area of Hull and attacked him by biting his right arm.

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    The dog took him to the ground and the pensioner was yelling and screaming at it to let him go, Hull Live reported.

    Owner Faisal Waleed tried to get the dog off the victim and it initially let go but it then lashed out again, biting his left shoulder. The dog again let go but bit the man on the right shoulder.

    Waleed apologised and offered the pensioner money and a taxi home. He also offered to telephone for an ambulance and to clean the wound but the victim "understandably refused" and went to hospital on foot.

    The man suffered cuts and severe bruises to his right arm and bruises to both shoulders. He later said: "I am now very conscious of any dog that I see in the street. I now feel very anxious when I see dogs off-lead."

    The next day, a 20-year-old woman was walking in Lock Keepers Court at 7pm when she saw Waleed with two large dogs. The one that had attacked the man the day before was on a lead but Waleed was not holding it and the lead was dragging along the ground.

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    As the woman and her mother walked by, that dog jumped towards the daughter, taking hold of her right arm in its mouth and biting down. Waleed did not try to help.

    "The dog continued to bite her arm and jumped up towards her face," said Miss Scott. "This went on for about one minute."

    Waleed did then get off the bench where he had been sitting and struggled to pull the dog off the woman. "The dog did release her arm," said Miss Scott. Waleed returned to sitting on the bench and shouted: "Ambulance, ambulance."

    Waleed, 30, of Alliance Avenue, off Spring Bank West, Hull, admitted three offences of being the owner of the dog that was dangerously out of control and caused injury on November 30, December 1 and December 16.

    He was an asylum seeker from Kuwait and he had left that country because of fears of persecution for religious reasons.

    Waleed was jailed for two years and was banned from owning a dog indefinitely.

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