Raging woman gets drunk and set fire to boyfriend’s room for ‘having affair’

A woman is in custody after getting drunk and setting fire to her boyfriend's apartment after she suspected he was cheating.

Donlaya Nalee, 25, from Pattaya in Thailand, became so enraged at her partner on Saturday (November 26), that she set fire to her boyfriend's bed while drunk.

Police were called to the fire at about 1.30am, local time with several fire engines dispatched to the scene as onlookers described a room with thick smoke billowing out of it.

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Firefighters managed to prevent the flames from spreading to neighbouring flats but the victim's bedroom suffered severe damage.

The 33-year-old Thai national, said: “My girlfriend, who was intoxicated, set the fire. She was angry and jealous of me allegedly having an affair with another woman.

"She could not control herself before she destroyed the room and attacked me. She set fire to the bed which then spread through the room.”

Nalee was taken into custody and ordered to sober up before being questioned by police who have not yet revealed what she might be charged with.

Meanwhile, the man declined to comment to local press on whether her accusations were true.

It seems to have been an especially bad week for those caught cheating.

A Texan woman was arrested last week after FaceTiming her boyfriend whom she suspected was cheating on her so she could show him her burning down their home.

The woman was later arrested after being tracked down by officers who said: “Soto had FaceTimed her boyfriend, when another woman answered his phone, who later turned out to be a relative of the boyfriend.”


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