Racist bus passenger shouts ‘Go back to your own country’ at nine-year-old boy

An appalling video shows a woman spout racist abuse at a nine-year-old boy while he was riding the bus with his mum in Dublin, Ireland.

In the clip, recorded on January 4, a woman tells the youngster to "go back to your home country" and repeatedly tells him "you're not Irish".

The lad, whose mum is originally from Brazil but settled in Ireland 12 years ago, was reading out a public information poster about Covid when the abuse began, Dublin Live reports.

Eventually, the bus driver kicks off the racist passenger and another woman who wrongly accuses the lad of "making a joke" out of coronavirus.

The boy's mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, described the incident as a "stressful and horrible" start to 2021.

Describing how the abusive passengers honed-in on her child, she said they were "focusing all their attention on him and directing all the speech at my son who is only a child, he is only nine".

She said: "Then the woman at the very end of the row, who wasn't wearing a mask, started saying 'go back to your home country, take the green off your clothes' because my son was wearing a green jacket and hat.

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"'You're not Irish, you're not Irish' she kept saying, 'go back to your home country'.

"But at the next bus stop, the bus driver stopped and opened the door and went over to the pair as you can see in the video and just said 'off the bus, off the bus' and demanded that they leave.

"I remained quiet the whole time because I was scared that if I reacted things would have escalated."

Heartbreakingly, ever since the incident, her son has been asking her: "Am I not Irish?'.

She added: "But my son was born here, Ireland is our home.

"He kept saying, 'but she asked me to take the green off saying that I wasn't Irish, that was not nice.'"

The mum told Dublin Live that she had made a report to Dublin Bus complimenting the driver's quick actions and hopes to be able to pass on the words of thanks herself.

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