Queen and Prince William ‘devised plan’ to split him and Harry apart at funeral

The Queen and Prince William planned to keep him and Harry apart at the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral, a royal biographer claims.

According to historian and royal biographer Robert Lacey, it was decided the weekend before Prince Philip's ceremony that the princes were not to walk side by side.

The pair are alleged to have been locked in a feud since the Sussexes stepped down as senior royals for a new life in the United States.

It is claimed Harry and wife Meghan Markle's decision to sit down with American TV host Oprah Winfrey – which was aired while the Duke of Edinburgh was in hospital – did little to build bridges with the Royal Family.

Robert Lacey claimed: "When it came to the funeral the following weekend, William and his grandmother worked out together how, in the prevailing circumstances, he could not possibly walk in harmony with Harry behind his grandfather’s coffin in the way that he might have done in the past."

The princes' 'beefy' cousin was used by The Queen to split the pair as they followed their grandfather's coffin, and not for the first time, the royal author says.

Lacey explained in his Battle of Brothers book: "The device of recruiting cousin Peter Phillips, Princess Anne’s beefy son, to serve as a diplomatic buffer between the two brothers had been deployed before – two years earlier at the Easter Sunday service at Windsor in April 2019, after William and Harry had gone public with the news that they were splitting their combined households.

"Prince Philip’s funeral was a moving service that Saturday, April 17, 2021, rendered the more mournful and tender by the pandemic restrictions – the spare and spaced congregation, the black masks that so conveniently kept private emotions private, and the purity and simplicity of the sound from the four-person choir echoing in the empty chancel."

The biographer continues to say Princess Anne and Sophie Wessex deliberately snubbed the 36-year-old Duke of Sussex in public, with viewers 'incensed' by his comments on American television.

Lacey added: "But family anger ran deep. It was not by accident that neither Anne nor Sophie exchanged a public word with Harry in the course of the afternoon.

"People felt incensed by what they saw as the calculated and focused cruelty of the TV interview and by the hypocrisy of Meghan – relating so brightly to Oprah how she had phoned the Queen to show her concern about Philip’s condition without even considering, apparently, the impact that their televised catalogue of grievance might have upon the invalid’s morale and health."

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