Putin’s ally’s chilling threat that Russia could erase Poland ‘into nuclear ash’

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    The exact facts surrounding last night’s deadly missile blast in eastern Poland remain unclear – but that hasn’t stopped one of Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s key allies issuing a dire threat against Poland.

    The current evidence is that the object that fell in the Polish village of Przewodow last night was an S300 ground-to air missile – a type used by both Ukrainian and Russian forces.

    US defence sources currently think that the missile is likely to have been part of Ukraine’s attempt to destroy the massive wave of Russian cruise missiles unleashed on Ukrainian targets yesterday evening.

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    But early suspicions fell on Russia – leading to an angry response from Moscow.

    Margarita Simonyan, boss of state-run media outlet RT, ominously warned on her Telegram channel: "Before you accuse a country capable of erasing Poland into nuclear ashes, take the trouble to present evidence."

    Evoking the memory of the Cuban Missile Crisis – when the US and the Soviet Union teetered on the brink of nuclear war – Simonyan added "Good evening, 1962.”

    Mark Cancian, from US-based think tank The Centre for Strategic and International Studies, says that photos from the scene in Przewodow point to the projectile having been an S300.

    While the missile was designed for ground-to-air operations, the Russian military, hard up for weapons components in the face of international sanctions, is known to have repurposed some of its anti-air ordinance as ground-attack weaponry.

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    J Andrés Gannon, a security expert at the US Council on Foreign Relations, agrees that the missile is likely to have been an S300.

    "Who fired the missile is unclear," he told the BBC. "We know Russia has been using the S-300 for ground attacks, even though it's an air defence system, but Ukraine also uses them for air defence against cruise missiles."

    With the nearest Russian forces thought to be around 360 miles from the Polish border, and the S300’s range only around a hundred miles, experts now believe that the missile may have been fired by Ukraine.

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    US President Joe Biden has said that he believes it was "unlikely" that the missile was fired from Russia.

    Polish president Andrzej Duda tweeted that officials had "no proof at the moment that it was a missile fired by the Russian side,” adding "there are many indications that it was an air defence missile, which unfortunately fell on Polish territory.”

    However NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that whatever the outcome of the investigation into the blast, Russia "bears ultimate responsibility as it continues its illegal war against Ukraine".


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