‘Putin will win in Ukraine or war will end badly for humanity’ – TV host

A Russian state TV host has embarked on a threatening tirade against the West, warning that the consequences for the world could be devastating if Russia does not win the war in Ukraine.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine has been consistently backed by state TV stooges, with one raving that nuclear missiles could wipe out in the UK in “202 seconds”.

And, as the war draws on into its fourth month, and with little signs of Russian progress, a US senator recently warned that Putin could launch a nuclear attack out of desperation.

Now, addressing how long the war might continue for on Russian state TV, Margarita Simonyan issued a stark threat to any doubters about Russia’s ability to take on the West.

“They all believe that we will lose and the West will win,” she began, in a clip translated and shared on Twitter by Julia Davis.

“They don’t understand that it’s simply impossible, it will never happen.

“Either we win, or this will end badly for all of humanity. There is no other way.

“When people ask how long this will go on, in terms of our alienation, confrontation with the West, I see only one version of events.”

The host’s rant soon took an even stranger turn as she began a crusade against the Western education system, which she accepted may remain closed to Russian children while sanctions are in place.

“Some feel bad that their children can’t study in the West, the brave new world will no longer be open to them, everything will be closed to them,” she continued.

But, Margarita suggested that this should be a cause for celebration, claiming: “The brave new world is racing straight to hell.

“In ten years you’ll say, ‘thank you, thank you that my child never studied in the West, because your child will remain a normal person.

“No matter what happens or how we behave, our confrontation with them is for the rest of our lives.”

This comes as Russia's space boss warned that a new nuclear missile could turn the West into a "deep radioactive crater" if World War 3 begins.

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