Putin terrified of being ‘castrated by mercenaries’ who nearly mounted coup

Mad Vlad Putin is terrified he’s going to be castrated by the mercenaries who nearly mounted a coup against him – like they’ve done to their own troops for committing “treason”.

The demented despot, 70, is also said by top military insiders to be cowering in his forest fortress where he lives with a team of doubles to avoid capture if another mutiny kicked off.

One of his generals said: “Putin has been suffering from illness like Parkinson’s and has always been paranoid, but now he is really on the run."

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They added: “He is scared the mercenaries he hired to butcher Ukrainians are going to do the same to him and cut off his testicles."

“It would be a poetic ending for him.”

Russia was on the brink of civil war at the weekend as fierce battles erupted between Putin’s troops and mercenaries from the Wagner Group in an extraordinary armed rebellion.

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin vowed to “punish” Russia after he blamed the Kremlin for a deadly missile attack on one of his training camps in Bakhmut, Ukraine.

The warlord – a former pal of Putin’s – called for an armed rebellion to oust Russia’s military leaders as he turns on the top brass in Moscow before calling off his dogs and withdrawing from the city.

Humiliated Putin seethed on Saturday it was “treason” in an early morning address.

Our source said he is still so “petrified” of what Wagner butchers will do to him if he’s captured he is hiding in a bunker at his palatial home.

Leaders of Russia’s feared Wagner mercenary group have reportedly been castrating any members of the group attempting to surrender to Ukraine.

The 50,000-strong paramilitary unit, privately funded by some of Putin’s closest allies, is mainly comprised of elite soldiers and ex-convicts who have bargained for their freedom in exchange for fighting in the president’s bombardment of Ukraine.

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A US intelligence report dated December 2022 said an intercepted telephone call between one of the group’s members confirmed that “castration” was being used on anyone trying to surrender or retreat without being told to do so by a leader.

It claims one soldier bragged: “The Wagnerians caught him and cut his f*****g balls off.”

The report also claims Wagner members are expendable – and the Russian public does not care what happens to them as most are ex-prisoners who have committed acts of murder.

It said: “The deaths of thousands of Wagner soldiers do not matter to Russian society.

“Assault groups do not withdraw without a command… Unauthorised withdrawal of a team or without being wounded is punishable by execution on the spot.”

Wagner mercenaries are also said to have bludgeoned to death and skinned alive members it has accused of treason.

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