Putin spokesman laughs off terminally ill rumours and says he is playing hockey

The spokesman for Russian president Vladimir Putin has laughed off rumours that he's terminally ill and claims he's even back playing hockey.

Kremlin diplomat Dmitry Peskov attempted to rubbish rumours of Putin's health scares by claiming the 69-year-old was fighting fit.

Months of rumours over the health of the warmongering leader have led to the belief that Putin is fighting an array of illnesses, from terminal cancer to Parkinsons, with experts weighing in on the health of the despot.

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But spokesman Peskov dismissed the rumours and joked that the Russian president had "played hockey" just a day prior to Peskov's appearance.

The spokesman said: "What I suggest is that you watch his performance."

The performance Peskov spoke of is of the Russian president answering questions for more than three hours after a meeting with US President Joe Biden in Geneva.

A barrage of rumours over the Russian president's health led to Peskov adding: "Yesterday in the afternnon, actually, he played hockey."

Putin's love of hockey was reported last year by Daily Star after the Russian despot took part in an all-star game.

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But the Russian president missed a game earlier last month, with rumours around his health escalating at the time of hockey game absence, New York Post reported.

Footage reported by the Daily Star just days ago showed Putin shaking uncontrollably and struggling to stand, with the health the Russian leader still up for debate.

A drab-looking Putin was sighted shaking at a recent event.

Swaying despot Putin was seen shaking at the ceremony, and just weeks before that the gaunt-looking leader was photographed clutching at a desk during a Kremlin meeting.

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