Putin rages at deputy PM for ‘fooling around’ and gives ‘month’ to sort war

Vladimir Putin has flown off the handle at his deputy PM for 'fooling around' and given him a month to put right Russia's military failings.

Denis Manturov was in the firing line during a government video conference for failing to procure military and civilian planes.

And mad Vlad singled him out in the call, accusing him of 'fooling around' during a procurement trip to Turkey.

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The deputy PM and Trade and Industry Minister flew to NATO country Turkey but failed to bag any contracts, attracting Putin's attention.

“There are no contracts. What are you going to tell me?" Putin rages in the video, adding: “I know there are no contracts at the companies, the directors told me.

“Why are you really fooling around?”

The failure has led to a shortage of military planes for the airforce, and a failure to supply new aircraft to civilian companies that are hit by Western sanctions.

Putin stormed: "This all must be done within a month, I am asking you, within a month…

“Don't we understand in what conditions we're living?”

The chastened Manturov was seen bowing his head.

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Putin also shook up his military command structure for the umpteenth time during the war with Ukraine.

He made war commander General Sergei Surovikin subservient to chief of the general staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov in controlling armed forces in the war.

The move appeared to buttress the position of much-criticised Gerasimov amid growing resentment and dissent in the army.

Surovikin – aka General Armageddon – was made his deputy in an announcement made not by Putin but by defence minister Sergei Shoigu, who has also faced strong criticism.

"The increase in the level of leadership of the special operation is linked to the expansion of the scale of the tasks at hand and the need for closer interaction between troops,” said the defence ministry.

Two other loyalist generals, Oleg Salyukov and Alexei Kim, were also appointed to the top table.

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