Putin ‘moved into bunker’ after Kremlin rocked by flu outbreak

Vladimir Putin has started to spend increasing amounts of time in “bunker-type premises” due to Ukraine’s newly-apparent ability to strike Russian territories deep behind the front lines, while an outbreak of flu in the Kremlin has excited his hypochondriac tendencies once again. According to Russian sources, a major flu outbreak has hit Kremlin officials with Putin’s annual address to the upper house of Parliament expected to be cancelled in light of this revelation. The Russian autocrat has already cancelled his yearly press conference, reportedly over fears the event will be “hijacked” by those with “anti-war feelings”, and further reports claim Putin is now looking to hide away in a bunker while the apparent flu, the longer range Ukrainian strikes and the anti-war sentiment prevail. 

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After the destruction of two Russian airfields hundreds of miles from Ukraine, including Engels air base, which was known to contain strategic bombers used to carry out strikes against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, reports have said Putin is “seriously concerned” for his safety. 

“The recent strike on military airfields deep in Russia has caused Putin serious concern,” said General SVR Telegram channel.

The outlet added that Putin and his close family have now decided to spend their annual New Year vacation in a bunker east of the Ural Mountains, as opposed to their usual spot by the Black Sea. 

The new location is more than 1300 kilometres (848 miles) west of Moscow and more than 1,000 miles from Ukraine; his usual Black Sea holiday destination would put him within the range of Ukraine’s most recent strikes. 


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