Psychologist who killed wife with antifreeze given away by search history clue

A sick psychologist could be jailed for just ten years after killing his wife with antifreeze in a bid to get her $1 million (£739k) life insurance.

Gregory 'Brent' Dennis, 59, went to extreme lengths to pay off his drug addiction debts and tried to make his partner's death look like a suicide.

On Tuesday, the cocaine addict from Nevada entered an Alford plea to the voluntary manslaughter of his wife Susan Winters, which means that he has acknowledged that there is enough evidence to convict him of killing her in 2015.

The 59-year-old had told cops that he believed that his wife had taken antifreeze because of her internet search history detailed information on poisoning on the night before she died.

However, months later investigators discovered that the searches for antifreeze poisoning took place shortly after 5am when she was already unconscious, reports Daily Mail.

Winter's death was initially ruled a suicide until local media started to report on her death and her family sought help from private investigators.

Authorities reopened the case and the twisted psychologist was charged with murder in February 2017.

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It was reported that investigators found that the pair were on the brink of separation at the time of Winter's death.

It has been confirmed that he will be formally charged in May and could face between 3-10 years behind bars.

Prosecutor Marc DiGiacomo said that a ten-year sentence "is a fairly reasonable solution" because of his age.

"For him, it was all or nothing — he goes to trial, jury convicts him, he goes to prison for the absolute rest of his life," he told the Review Journal.

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