Prisoner killed ‘after downing super-strength hooch’ illegally brewed in jail

A prison inmate may have died behind bars after downing a super-strength alcoholic cocktail.

The prisoner – whose name has not been specified – died after drinking the illegally-brewed hooch at HMP Guys Marsh in Dorset last year.

A prison report into illegal brewing in UK prisons disclosed that lags at the jail would use hand sanitiser and cleaning solutions in different strains of cocktails – a process that is an increasing problem across the UK's prisons.

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Brew-your-own hooch can be made out of pretty much anything – with a popular concoction including fruit, bread and water.

And the issue has become such a problem in some prisons that fruit has had to be rationed, with Marmite also taken off the table at one jail because of its use to kickstart fermentation, reports the Mirror.

In place of Marmite, the prison's Independent Monitoring Board report stated lags at HMP Guys Marsh would use toxic substances to give their hooch an extra strong kick.

This, however, is incredibly dangerous and is believed to be linked to the death of one prison inmate last year.

"The brewing of illicit alcohol (hooch) continued to be a challenge for staff," read the report.

"Prisoners have found multiple substances, some of which were highly dangerous and toxic, to act as 'kickers' for the fermentation of alcohol. Hand sanitiser and cleaning fluids were two liquids used.

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"It is a matter of considerable regret that one death in custody may have been attributable to drinking a toxic hooch concoction."

Last year there were 8,703 discoveries of illegally-brewed alcohol across the entire prison network – a figure that has more than doubled from five years ago.

At Guys Marsh prison last year alone there were 80 hooch finds, a rise of 21% on the 66 discovered in the preceding year.

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