‘Princess’ toddler who got lost in forest promises she ‘won’t run away anymore’

A one-year-old girl who toddled off into a wolf and bear infested forest and was miraculously found safe and well has promised not to run away agin.

Little Lyuda Kuzina, aged 22 months, who told rescuers she was a "princess", has won hero status in her native Smolensk region for her miraculous feat.

She survived a fierce thunderstorm and temperatures as low as 10C after going missing from her garden when her mother Antonina was talking to a neighbour.

But as she enjoyed the playground at the hospital in Smolensk, Lyuda told her mum "I won't run away anymore", reported Komsomolskaya Pravda.

She was treated for tick and insect bites, and nettle stings as well as sores from walking barefoot trying to find her way home.

Her mother said: "There are so many kind people who really wanted to help find her.

"I'm so grateful to them… This is a miracle, it is a miracle which happened thanks to rescuers…

"Children are able to do what we do not expect from them

"I never thought my child could go so far…. It was a big lesson for me."

Her relieved father Nikita Kuzin, a nuclear physicist, carried her as she left hospital after five days.

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"She is feeling really well, her mood is back to good," he said.

"She is full of life, and has even started to play and mess around again like a normal toddler.

'We are, of course, more than ecstatic…

"Everyone cried when she was found alive – I have never felt such powerful emotion ever before."

He told waiting journalists: "When we ask her 'Where have you been, Lyuda?'

She just replied: "In the woods."

"And how did you sleep? "'I slept all right', she said."

When she was first found, she told rescuers: "I'm a princess."

A woman rescuer told fellow-searchers: "She replies to our questions.

"She tells us fairytales. She is a princess."

As they left hospital, her mother Antonina said: "We are hoping to be back to our normal life, and gradually forget all the bad things that happened to us.

"She still has some anaemia, so the doctors' advice is to keep checking her blood, but everything else is fine."

Chief doctor Victoria Makarova said: "Lyuda went through the full medical check, and received all necessary treatment after the lengthy time she spent without food in the cold.

"She is ready to leave the hospital and reunite with her happy family."

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