Prince Harry should not rush into ‘bitter memoirs’ warns royal expert

Prince Harry should take a leaf out of Edward Vlll’s book and not rush into writing “bitter” memoirs said a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex’s autobiography is to come out next year following the shock announcement last week that he is already writing it, and there are reports that the Royal Family are worried about what it may contain.

Harry and Meghan Markle have both been critical of the Windsors in interviews with American media since their move to California last year.

While royal expert Anna Pasternak believes that there may well be more "bitterness" to come in the new memoir, she feels that he would be better advised to follow Edward Vlll’s example.

He similarly left the royal fold to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson but waited 15 years before penning his book A King’s Story, The Memoirs of The Duke of Windsor, published in 1951.

Anna told the Telegraph about the similarities between the Edward Vlll and Harry in the way that they married strong-minded American women and they were important than their royal upbringing.

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She said: "However, unlike Harry, who self-exiled from the Royal family 15 months ago, choosing love and family over monarchical duty, the Duke of Windsor waited 15 years before publishing his account of abdicating to marry Wallis Simpson."

Anna said how Edward decided to wait and give a more measured account that was free of any attacks on the Royal Family.

She writes: "In contrast with Harry's alleged book deal, the memoir was the last word that the Duke ever wrote on his life or the abdication. He died 21 years later.

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"He did not detail his bitterness over his life in exile, nor his pain towards his unyielding family. Judging by his recent form, such restraint seems unlikely with the memoir that Harry will produce. If only the Duke of Sussex would take note.

Edward Vlll abdicated as king in 1936 due to a constitutional crisis due to his plans to marry Ms Simpson who was divorcing her second husband.

His book similar to that which is being planned by Harry was ghostwritten and he was reportedly paid £350,000 for it which would be around £3.5million in today's money. Harry is believed to be receiving £15million as advance from Penguin Random House.

Whereas Edward left the Royal Family and retreated from the limelight, Harry and Meghan so far have remained firmly in the media eye with high-profile interviews including with Oprah Winfrey where they have attacked royals and the way of life.

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