Prince Harry ‘a deeply unhappy man’ and responsible for Megxit, expert claims

Prince Harry was “just as complicit” as his wife Meghan Markle in the infamous ‘Megxit’ saga, an expert has claimed.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser believes that the fairly common idea that Meghan was the only reason the pair left the Firm is unfounded.

Elser’s comments in come in response to bombshell new book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, by Valentine Low.

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Low's book details the ups and downs of working for the Royal Family and alleges that Harry was equally as complicit as his wife Meghan Markle in causing trouble behind the scenes.

It includes multiple alleged examples that claim Harry played a big part in upsetting staff, with senior aides allegedly being 'pushed to the limit' by the pair rather than just Meghan.

Discussing the book’s allegations Elser claims that in order to accept that Meghan wasn’t wholly to blame you also have to acknowledge that Prince Harry was also imperfect in the ordeal.

“Perhaps that comes down to the fact that to accept Meghan wasn’t the key agitator who must shoulder the full responsibility for Megxit then we have to admit that the Harry we loved for all those years, the eternally cheeky chappie, was in truth a deeply unhappy man”, she said.

  • Queen Elizbeth was 'exhausted by the turmoil' of Harry and Meghan, book claims

“Maybe I’m getting far too philosophical for a Monday but does that make us also complicit in his suffering back then? Or do we feel slightly duped that the Prince we thought we knew was only really a front?

“Over the decades we have accepted a series of largely one-dimensional versions of Harry: Harry the lost boy, Harry the party boy, Harry the committed military man and Harry the lovestruck newlywed.”

Elser claims instead that Harry too was part of the problem in his own way, and that the belief of so many that he was an innocent bystander ripped away by Meghan is false.

She said: “Since the events of January 8, 2020 what the world has been forced to face is the reality of a much more complicated and turbulent Harry and that is a much harder and more problematic story to tell.”

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