Prince George to follow strict royal rule Queen has let ‘slide’ up until now

The Queen will put her foot down and insist royal protocol is followed regarding travel arrangements when her great-grandson Prince George turns 12, according to reports.

An important rule has until now has not been obeyed by Prince William and Kate Middleton but the Queen will no longer apparently let it slide.

Under royal protocol, two heirs should never travel on the same flight so when 8-year-old Prince George turns 12 he will no longer be allowed to travel with his parents together for holidays and overseas engagements, writes the Daily Express.

The Queen has allowed the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall to bypass the rule due to their children's young age but the strict travel rule is in place to protect the future of the monarchy so therefore must be enforced.

The protocol is in place so that if tragedy struck and there was a fatal airplane crash the royal lineage would stay intact.

In the past Prince William has travelled with his family to Canada, Germany, and Poland but only because the Queen allowed it.

Website Nicki Swift reported: "As the future monarch, the Duke must adhere to most royal protocols and Kate must follow his lead, though they occasionally make exceptions

"The couple aren't even supposed to travel together with their children in the event that a tragic event wipes out the second, third, fourth, and fifth heirs to the throne.

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"Queen Elizabeth has let this rule slide but it's expected to be enforced when their eldest child, Prince George, turns 12."

Prince George has captured more public attention recently than he is used to after he attended Wembley Stadium to watch England play in the Euros 2020 final.

Prince George, who attends Thomas's Battersea in southwest London, could soon follow in his dad's footsteps by moving to boarding school soon and away from London.

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William boarded at Ludgrove School in Berkshire from the age of eight, before attending Eton, as did his brother Prince Harry.

Last month, The Daily Mail reported that the Cambridges had been enquiring about schools in Berkshire for their children, as well as suitable nearby residences.

The report suggested that William and Kate raising their family in the capital is not understood to be part of their long-term plans.

However, the newspaper cited sources as stressing that Kensington Palace would remain their London base, and will continue to do so after they become the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince George, seven, and Princess Charlotte, six, both currently attend Thomas's Battersea in southwest London, which takes children until they are 13.

Three-year-old Prince Louis attends Willcocks Nursery in Kensington.

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