Prince Charles made ‘great’ speech mocking William’s driving after Kate wedding

Prince Charles made a "great" speech ridiculing his son Prince William on his wedding day with Kate Middleton, according to her uncle Gary Goldsmith.

A new ITV documentary, The Day Will and Kate Got Married, airs Friday (April 7) at 9 pm and looks back at the wedding day of the future king and queen ahead of their 10-year anniversary on April 29.

The couple have had three children together during their marriage and worked together as successful diplomats at home and abroad, but some of Kate's family were worried about her marrying into The Firm.

But Prince Charles changed that with a witty and heartfelt speech.

Speaking in the documentary, Gary said: "Prince Charles did a great speech, he was taking the mick out of Prince William, talking about him driving a toy car into a tree repeatedly.

"And he was very gushing about Catherine."

He admitted: "I was very nervous, thinking about Catherine marrying into the Royal Family, one doesn’t know if she would thrive or survive.

"But from the moment that Prince Charles spoke, it was with open arms and with love so I knew she’d be safe there."

Kate was the first commoner to marry into the Royal Family for more than 300 years, according to the documentary.

This comes after the same documentary revealed William and Kate's wedding cake was so huge a door of the palace had to be removed to cart it through the corridors.

Cake-maker Fiona Cairn said: "When the Queen came to see it, I can remember her saying, 'I hear that you’ve been dismantling my house.'

"We had to take the door down from the room below for the trolley to go through with the cake, but it was all put back in the same place so it was fine."

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