Prince Charles admits William ‘reduced me to tears’ in chat over succession

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Prince Charles has said that seeing his son William talk passionately about succession and inheritance "reduced" him to tears.

Charles, the heir to the throne, has been said to have encouraged William to undertake more training to prepare for his role as Prince of Wales when the time comes.

In an ITV documentary, titled Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall, it is revealed that Charles had an emotional reaction after seeing his son talk about succession and inheritance.

The 2019 show sees William chatting with Mervyn Keeling, a second-generational farmer, about his intentions with his dad's private estate.

The royal said: “I’ve started to think about how I will inherit the Duchy one day and what I do with it.

"I think it’s really important, about the family angle, I really do."

Mr Keeling replied: “And you’ve got children yourself, to pass it onto, so that's what it’s all about.”

William agreed: "Yeah, absolutely."

Prince Charles was then shown in the clip after the conversation, he told the documentary: "When I saw it, I couldn't believe it, I was deeply touched and moved by what he said.

"Frankly, it reduced me to tears. It did really.

"Because, I suddenly thought, well, just hearing that from him has made the last 50 years worthwhile."

While recent events have driven Prince Harry and the Royal Family apart, it has been claimed that Charles and William are closer than ever.

Emily Andrews writing in the Mail on Sunday said: "Over the past two years, the two men have become much closer, their bond is much stronger.

"Partly, this is natural as they get older and realise their shared values – a current Prince of Wales and his successor – in protecting the monarchy.

“But, also, it has been a necessity as the institution has suffered blows to its reputation.”

Kate Middleton has reportedly also played a big role in bringing the two men closer together, even making sure important life events feature Charles in some way.

Kate also took a photograph, that caused a stir on social media last year. Charles was in a more intimate pose than usual and he was seen leaning on William's shoulder with affection for Father's Day.

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