Prince Andrew says there’s ‘no chance’ he’s leaving 30-room massive Windsor digs

Disgraced royal Prince Andrew has reportedly told his pals there’s “no chance” he’s leaving his massive 30-room mansion in Windsor even if King Charles cuts off his £250,000 allowance.

The Duke of York told his friends he “will not leave” the £30million Royal Lodge property, which has 98 acres of land and a massive swimming pool, after he’s already spent millions of pounds from his own bank account on renovations.

Reports last week suggested King Charles may cut the royal’s annual allowance of £250,000 a year from April after he warned his family to “tighten their belts” around incoming budget cuts from the Royal Family’s private funds.

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Prince Andrew privately told his friends that his older brother’s move felt like he was trying to push him out of the Palace, Mirror reports.

The Duke had reportedly spent a whopping £7.5million on renovating the huge house, which he pays £250 a week for a 75-year lease for the property.

He shares the property with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who he may have to move in with if he’s kicked out of Windsor, according to palace insiders.

His private outburst comes despite palace insiders insisting that King Charles will continue to offer an income and a home to Prince Andrew.

Andrew stopped receiving public funds, which he was entitled to as a member of the Royal Family, after he was publicly accused of sexually abusing Virginia Guiffre in a London townhouse, which he denies.

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Instead, the middle-aged mooch took money from his mum Queen Elizabeth, who supported him with the Royal Family’s private funds.

His financial security took a huge hit after he paid Virginia a £12million out-of-court settlement to stop her legal action against him going forward.

He was also forced to sell a chalet in Switzerland worth £18million in 2022.

The Daily Star has contacted Buckingham Palace for comment.

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