Pregnant mum with cancer chooses to have leg amputated in bid to save baby

A brave pregnant mum diagnosed with cancer chose to have her leg amputated in an effort to save her unborn child.

Kathleen Osbourne, 28, was told she was four months pregnant during an MRI cancer scan.

But because of her pregnancy, she was unable to undergo chemotherapy unless she aborted the baby, The Mirror reported.

Kathleen was told she could amputate the leg where the cancer was or potentially lose her child.

After choosing to amputate her leg to get rid of her cancer, Kathleen's beautiful baby daughter Aida-May was born via C-section.

Kathleen, from Cambridgeshire, said her decision was 100% worth it.

She said: "I'm happy I made the decision to lose my leg because it gave me my daughter.

"If I'd not had my leg amputated then, I'd have lost her and I'd have been going through chemotherapy which might not even have saved my leg in the end anyway.

"I wouldn't have her if I didn't do it so it's all been worth it. I'd always wanted a little girl after having my two boys first and now she's here so I'm happy I did it.

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"I told the boys that the Transformers are building me a new leg which they love – they keep asking when my Transformer leg will arrive and they think it's very cool!"

Kathleen was first diagnosed with cancer as an 11-year-old, with most of her kneecap removed and metal rods inserted to her right leg.

The cancer was kept at bay for 11 years, with Kathleen welcoming sons, Hayden, now nine, and Leo, aged five.

Kathleen added: "My friend stayed with me that evening and I just cried a lot.

"I was really worried, I did a lot of crying, and my friend did a lot of crying with me."

Aida-May was born eight weeks early in March but is now healthy.

Kathleen said: "As long as they have memories with me and they have as much fun with me as possible over however long we've got, then I'm happy."

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