Pope Francis urges prayer ‘to save the world from this pandemic’

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Pope Francis invited people of all faiths to pray today on May 14 for an end of the coronavirus pandemic. The religious leader said that prayer is “our greatest weapon against the virus” and reminded the world that “we are all brothers and sisters”. This comes as Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis discussed the global pandemic with Pope Francis and invited him to Greece when the circumstances allowed for it.

The religious leader said on Twitter: “May God have mercy on us and put an end to this tragedy, this pandemic, as well as the pandemics of hunger, war, and children, without an education.

“This we ask as brothers and sisters, everyone together.”

The leader of the Catholic Church urged people of all faiths to pray, fast and do charity work for an end to the pandemic.

Pope Francis said: “Prayer is the way to communicate and listen to God, and with this spirit I accepted the invitation of the High Committee of Human Fraternity to dedicate tomorrow, May 14, to prayer, fasting and works of charity.

“Let’s join together as brothers to ask the Lord to save the world from the pandemic,” said the Pope in the general audience. Tomorrow will be a day of prayer for all religions.

“Prayer belongs to everyone: to men of all religions, and probably also to those who do not profess any.

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“Prayer arises in the secret of ourselves, in that inner place that spiritual authors often call the ‘heart’.

“God does not know hatred, he is hated, but he only knows love: this is the God to whom we pray.”

Speaking before the Regina Coeli on 3 May, Pope Francis said: “Since prayer is a universal value, I have accepted the proposal of the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity for believers of all religions to unite spiritually this 14 May for a day of prayer, fasting, and works of charity, to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

“Remember: 14 May, all believers together, believers of different traditions, to pray, fast, and perform works of charity.

“You will see brothers and sisters around the world who are being affected by the world-wide pandemic. We hear their voices in a chorus of hope.

“Prayer is our greatest weapon against the virus.

“What will we remember from this time? The things that unite us.

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“Let us pray to feel like Church, family, and to defeat the pandemic.

“Let us pray so as to love neighbour.

“In the face of the coronavirus, we cannot be demoralised.”

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Additional reporting by Maria Ortega 

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